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Rapid and Reliable
Orbital Maneuvering

Designed and built from the ground up, we are creating orbital maneuvering vehicles specifically for last-mile payload delivery. These vehicles are capable of delivering multiple payloads to unique orbits from a single launch.

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Our creative approach to propulsion and vehicle design combines flight-proven methods with cutting-edge technologies. And our vertically-integrated company structure allows tight cost control along with rapid design and operational improvements.

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We are committed to the stewardship of earth and space, which is why we have chosen green non-toxic propellants to power our thrusters, and are designing all of our spacecraft for de-orbit capability.

The next generation of orbital maneuvering spacecraft

Space is more accessible than ever, but efficiently moving payloads into higher energy orbits remains a challenge. Impulse Space is changing that by providing nimble, economical capabilities to access any orbit.

Leadership Team

Tom Mueller
Tom Mueller
_ Founder & CEO
Tom Mueller, Founder and CEO of Impulse Space, has 30 years of propulsion development experience and is one of the world's foremost rocket engine designers.

As one of SpaceX’s founding members, he was responsible for building and managing SpaceX’s propulsion development group which develops propulsion systems and engines for the Falcon and Starship launch vehicles, as well as the Dragon line of spacecraft. As the leader of Impulse, Tom is building a world class in-space transportation capability.

At SpaceX, Mueller led development of the Merlin rocket engine, the highest-performing US-made hydrocarbon engine, and more recently in development of new propulsion and power systems that will eventually enable humans to be a multi planet species.

Tom recently received the Idaho Technology Council Hall of Fame Award. Other achievements include induction into the Academy of Engineers at University of Idaho , Honorary Doctorate degrees from LMU and University of Idaho and the TRW Chairman's Award, the company's most prestigious award for technical achievement. He is inventor or co-inventor on several US patents in propulsion technology.

Barry Matsumori
Barry Matsumori
_ Chief Operating Officer

Barry is an industry veteran that has been an executive leader at SpaceX, Virgin Orbit, and most recently as CEO at BridgeComm. He has developed and implemented business and technology strategies as well as overseen operations at these companies. At BridgeComm, Barry led the refocus of the company strategy as well as being named in a number of optical communication technology patents. For Impulse, he is responsible for all the operating functions including business development, people, finance, and mission management.

Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller
_ VP of Propulsion

Kevin has over 16 years of experience in liquid rocket engine development. At SpaceX, Kevin played a key role in propulsion and launch vehicle development including all versions of the Merlin liquid rocket engines for Falcon 1 and Falcon 9. He also led initial development testing of the Raptor engine. At Impulse, Kevin is leading propulsion development and testing.

George Ketigian
George Ketigian
_ VP of Integration

George has over 14 years of experience as an engineering leader in avionics, integration, and prototyping. At SpaceX, George was the Avionics Responsible Engineer for the upper stage of Falcon 9. At Synthego, he developed platforms for automated DNA and RNA synthesis. At Playground Global, he led prototyping for the firm and companies within its portfolio. George is responsible for leading development and integration at Impulse.

Paul Seebacher
Paul Seebacher
_ VP of Manufacturing

During his 7 years at SpaceX, Paul directed Raptor engine production, led Raptor Chamber and Nozzle design and manufacture, and developed the F9 Second Stage Nozzle Extension. At GE Aviation, Paul was the Responsible Engineer for advanced ceramic nozzles flown in the F/A-18 Super Hornet. At Impulse, Paul is responsible for leading all manufacturing and production of development, test, and flight hardware.

Dan Olson
Dan Olson
_ VP of Vehicle Engineering

For the last 16 years, Dan has been leading design and development of cutting-edge technology in motorsports, aerospace and defense industries. Dan specializes in vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, research and development, and mechanical design. At Impulse, Dan is leading engineering development of our in-space vehicles.

Drew Damon
Drew Damon
_ Director of Programs

During his 12 years at SpaceX, Drew worked on propulsion and launch vehicle development for the Falcon 9 and Starship vehicles. As Director of Propulsion Engineering, he led the Raptor engine program from early hardware design through production ramp up and vehicle test flights. At Impulse, Drew is leading engineering program management.

Kelly Vasquez
Kelly Vasquez
_ Director of People Operations

Kelly has been a people professional for over 20 years helping to build world class engineering teams. She has experience managing talent across a wide range of technology and aerospace companies, through various phases of growth. During her 8 years at SpaceX, she supported everything from launch vehicles to crew missions during a period of extremely rapid growth. She specializes in both hardware and software engineering. As Director of People for Impulse, she is establishing a team and culture that will take Impulse to the next level.

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